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How to Fix Mirror Scratches

March 29, 2018

Mirrors add elegance to your home. They increase the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. This is the reason that demand for mirrors is consistently increasing.But, at the same time, a drawback associated with mirrors is that they are prone to scratches. Such scratches make the mirrors look unattractive, but [...]

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Three Window Glass Repair Myths Debunked

March 19, 2018

If you talk to people regarding window glass repair, you will hear many things. Interestingly, many of them will have nothing to do with reality. In this blog, we are going to discuss three such things that misunderstood about window glass repair and which have no truth. We will [...]

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Three Things to Consider When Planning Window Glass Replacements

February 27, 2018

Your windows contribute to the aesthetic of your home. They allow you to see your surroundings and the beautiful sky. They block out the noise, to enable you to enjoy your life and have a sound sleep. They protect your home from insects and intruders. They ensure your safety. [...]

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Some Glass Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid For Their Long Use

February 16, 2018

Have you recently installed new glasses in your commercial property? You must be thinking about best possible ways to maintain the shine of the glass so that you can use the glass for long. Glass require a little extra maintenance and care. Even those that come at a premium [...]

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Do-It-Yourself Steps to Replace Broken Window Glass

January 23, 2018

Here are some do-it-yourself, or DIY, steps to replace broken window glass. 1. Remove the broken glass Remove the broken glass from the window pane with a putty knife,wood chisel, or jackknife. Don’t forget to put on gloves, because if the glass breaks while you are removing it, you [...]

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