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Five Things You Should Not Do With Your Glass Windows During A Hurricane

  April 26, 2018

Here are five precautions that you must take when a hurricane alert is issued or when a hurricane has begun.

1. You Should Not Leave The Glass Windows Remain Open:

You should close the windows properly as you hear the hurricane alert. You should not wait for the hurricane. Keeping the window close will protect you and your assets from the deadly air. Plus, you should not go near to the window until the hurricane goes.

2. You Should Not Open The Windows To Eliminate The Inside-Built-Up Pressure:

Many people feel a kind of pressure inside their house during the hurricane and they want to open the windows to relive that pressure. You should not do it at all. There are several places in every home from where inside pressure can pass. For sure, your home will also have.

3. You should Not Cross The Window Glasses With A Duct Tape:

In order to protect their home from hurricane, many people make a cross on their windows with a duct tape. You should never do it. Putting a duct tape will increase the risk of damage than before. A hurricane wind blowing with 150 mph has potential to break the window glass. If you have applied the duct tape, then the wind may break the window glass. If wind breaks the glass, this may break it into deadlier shards. Instead of applying tape, you should use thick plywood for this purpose. Install thick plywood to protect the window from the deadly wind.

4. Don’t Go To Back The Window Or Door

Your door and windows may surrender before the hurricane and bend. You should not feel excited to go to protect them with your hand because you cannot do this.

5. Don’t Start The Generator If windows are open

You should not try to start the generator kept inside the house in case power supply discontinues during the hurricane if the windows are open. This may cause a fire.

Do share this blog with your acquaintances as well so that they don’t make these mistakes during a hurricane.

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